Orchis, Ballet Inspired by Photography

OrchisA while back I wrote about a joint project with the Festival Ballet Providence inspired by a series of orchid photographs I shared with them. I am very pleased to write now that Orchis will have the premier performance on March 8-9-10, 2013 at the Vets.

The entirely new piece will choreographed by Viktor Plotnikov and the acclaimed glass artist Toots Zynsky is collaborating on the project. This is a very exciting collaboration bringing different forms of art into one production, and mostly by local artists. I am, needless to say, very pleased that my photography inspired the project and grateful for the contribution of all involved.

Orchis, the Greek demigod was transformed into a flower after his death, and gave the name to the family of flowers we all enjoy very much, Orchids.

See more on the Festival Ballet Providence Web site about this and other programs of the next season.



  1. stanley goldberg says

    Hi Cemal,

    Can you arrange for members to photograph the ballet during one of their rehearsals?

    Thank you,


    • A. Cemal Ekin says

      Thank you Mike, this is indeed very exciting for me and all involved.


  2. Sal Capirchio says


    I’m curious to see your upcoming photos from the ballets next perfomance. This is beautiful stuff.


  3. Deb Page says

    Cemal, your Orchis collection is outstanding. I cant wait to see the remarkable similarity in the dancers. Congratulations on your work and the collaboration with Festival Ballet Providence.

    Deb Page

  4. Liz Hanke says

    I just saw Orchis. It was the most spectacular ballet I have ever seen! Your photographs were gorgeous.