Lightroom 4 Print Issues Part 2

I wrote in an earlier post about the printing issues in Lightroom 4. Since then I have run a series of tests and can say with reasonable certainty that the print engine in Lightroom 4 needs some repair. I realize that there is now a print adjustment option, but that should not be an excuse to significantly deviate from Photoshop CS5, CS6, and Lightroom 3. The output from LR 4 also deviates from the screen view on my calibrated and profiled monitor.

Here are the evidences since the last post. Considering the possibility of equipment and software related problems stemming from my system, I copied the file to my wife’s HP computer. That computer has only Lightroom 3 and Photoshop CS5 installed. I printed the same photograph from Lightroom 3 and Photoshop CS5 on that computer, they were identical. Then, on my system, I printed the very same photograph from Photoshop CS5, Lightroom 3, Photoshop CS6 Beta and they were also identical and did not differ much from those I obtained from the HP. Then I printed the same photograph from Lightroom 4 and it was significantly lighter. There is no question in my mind that the culprit is Lightroom 4. There are differences between the print sets from two computers but a small one. However, both prints from CS5 and LR3 on the HP are identical, as are the three prints I produced on my computer. The deviant one is from Lightroom 4, and it is lighter by a good amount than any of the prints from two separate computers.

This is a serious problem for Lightroom users who use this software as their main application for editing and outputting their photographs. I am asking Adobe to take a look at this problem and repair whatever that needs repairing.

Here are the scanned prints for you to see and compare

Photoshop CS5 print on HPLightroom 3 print on HPPhotoshop CS5 print on my computerLightroom 3 print on my computerPhotoshop CS6 print on my computerLightroom 4 print on my computer


  1. Frank says

    Hi, I happened to come across this article and find it very interesting. However, I should point out that I had the opposite issue in LR3 in the images would print way too dark. Now with LR4 I find the prints pretty much match what I see on screen. Using Epson R1800.

  2. Claire says

    Having just been forced to upgrade to Lightroom 4 due to LR3 not supporting my new camera, I am extremely annoyed to find that printing through LR4 the photos are awful. I have an Epson R1800 and it printed beautifully via LR3. Photos are now dull with a bluish tinge. What has gone wrong with LR4!

    • A. Cemal Ekin says

      You may try soft proofing and making a printer adjusted copy. As you can tell from my posts, there is a definite change in LR4 print engine. I think my testing is robust and exhaustive; two computers, three different software and the only odd piece is the LR4 print. All my gear is color calibrated an profiled. You may want push to Photoshop for printing.

      • Claire says

        Thanks for your comments – sorry I have taken so long to reply. Three months down the line and I am still having problems. I managed to sort it out initially with the help of a friend who suggested some tweaking in the Advanced section of the print preferences, however since the LR4.2 upgrade I am back to square one and have reverted to the original settings. Having wasted many hours and ink I am still getting a Magenta cast on my photos, but I have now tried reducing the magenta quantity in Advanced by -25 (not good) to -10 (better but will try a setting in between). I shall try to contact Adobe to see if they can help. It does print OK through Espon EasyPrint and also Elements 10 but I do prefer the LR print module.

        • A. Cemal Ekin says

          Claire, a magenta cast, according to Jeff Schewe, indicates double color management. Make sure to use only one entity color managing the printing process, Lightroom or your printer. If you let Lightroom manage color, you must turn off color management in your printer.

          • Claire says

            OK thanks for that advice. I am just about to use a colormunki to calibrate the screen so I will let you know how it goes with printing afterwards.

          • says

            To repeat my post on the first page on this issue: I do all my printing from LR4 with beautiful results, both color and B&W. I use a Mac Pro running Snow Leopard and print on an Epson 3880 which I love.

          • A. Cemal Ekin says

            As I said in response to your first message, after replacing my video card and monitor the problem seems to be solved. Until then, the problem was limited only to Lightroom while I could output good prints from Photoshop.