Life Magazine

For many years, nay decades LIFE was photography and photography was about life. The documentary below, America In Pictures: The Story of LIFE Magazine by British photographer, film maker Rankin traces the roots of LIFE with interviews, sample photographs, and anecdotes told by the people of LIFE. Well worth the time to look at a slice of photographic history. Some of you will remember looking at the world through the pages of LIFE

The opening photograph (click to view the full image) is the cover of the first issue of LIFE as we know it, November 23, 1936 with a photograph of a dam at Fort Peck, Montana by Margaret Bourke-White.

If you like to see more photographs from Life magazine you can find many resources on the Web. Here are a couple of rich sources with a warning that they can be serious time sinks, but enjoy!

LIFE photo archive hosted by Google

LIFE magazine at Google Books


  1. Binnaz Melin says

    It has been a wonderful experience to go back to those days, Cemal. Those were the days my friend…

  2. Mike Di Stefano says

    OMG, What an eye opening education on what photography was, and what we have lost…..