Free Software for Photographers

Fair warning: I found out that getting off Zoner Photo mailing list to be a royal pain and that they shared my e-mail with Cnet to create an account for me. This, I know for a fact since I used a unique e-mail address. Beware of the potential problem, sorry for any inconvenience I might have unwittingly caused for you.

I have come across this morning that Zoner Photo Studio is giving their $90 software for free today. It is similar in concept to Lightroom. I downloaded and activated a copy to see how it behaved, it seems reasonably intuitive in its functions but I have not fully explored all its capabilities. This is a quick post to inform the viewers of this blog since it seems to be time sensitive give away. To download your copy, point your browser to their Web site (link removed) and take a look at it. The initial download is a small program that downloads and installs the actual software. After the installation you need to provide your e-mail address to activate it.