Come Fly With Them!

Peter Pan will fly over Providence

Who needs the wires and pulleys? Festival Ballet Providence company dancers were flying around during the Peter Pan run through yesterday. Especially when frozen in a still frame, their work looks so effortless. Yet, they were dancing, moving, jumping, sweating for about 4 hours practically nonstop. The first photo I took that day has a time stamp of 1:52 PM and the last one, 5:41 PM. Think about it!

Wendy and Peter (Kirseten Evans, Ian Matysiak) Captain Hook (Mindaugas Bauzys)I decided to pick only the frames that contained at least one dancer in the air (I think they call some of them jeté) After all Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, and the kids who follow them to Neverland all fly. I am certain this will be even more exciting, much more exciting on stage, in costume (see the preview thumbnails I photographed during the photo session for the posters), with gear that will make some of them “fly”. Mark your calendars for May 16-18, 2014 for Jorden Morris’ Peter Pan presented by Festival Ballet Providence. This may be a treat for the young, and a treatment for the old(er)!


  1. Sal Capirchio says

    Cemal-These are FABULOUS action shots. I know you’re tired of hearing me say this, but everytime I see these folks, I can’t believe the acrobatic ability they have. Look at the height they get. And the other cool thing is, Peter Pan was one of my favorite animated classics so its great to see them giving it its do….