Sacred Spaces, II

Panagia Isodion Iconostasis

I have shown the photographs of Hagia Sophia in several exhibits since 2010 and along with that you might have seen the photographs from Panagia Isodion church in Istanbul. If you missed the previous exhibits and would like to see these unique … [Read more...]


Having a good time

Last couple of months I have been quite busy. Gearing up for the Collaborations event on October 5, 2014 and the event itself kept me busy for a while. Here are a few photographs from the hanging of the Ballet Off Stage exhibit at Festival Ballet … [Read more...]

Exhibit Opening Today

Photographs on the wall

On November 5, 2014 we hung the exhibit Sacred Spaces Large and Small: Hagia Sophia & Panagia Isodion at the Central Congregational Church in Providence. Today, November 7, 2014 we officially open the exhibit with a modest reception between 5:30 … [Read more...]

Ballet Off Stage

Kirsten Evans, Aurora, Sleeping Beauty

Performing arts generally require a stage, often an elaborate stage. In a way, that isolated environment allows the artists to create the magic they do on stage. In a ballet performance, the dancers effortlessly move, fly, jump, with the comfort that … [Read more...]



Performing arts has different phraseology, different emphases than visual arts. I have learned over the past several years how even a fraction of an inch in the foot position, or a finger tip position make a great deal of difference in ballet, if the … [Read more...]

Agon & Orchis: The Opening Night

Orchis on Stage

As I was getting ready to write this post I learned the passing of a dear friend, an elder in our family, our beloved Melin agabey, a gentle soul and a kind man. I dedicate this post to his memory. RIP Melin. After much rehearsals and tweaking, last … [Read more...]

MagCloud Contest Winners

MagCloud Contest article

Thanks to many of my family and friends, my Hagia Sophia Experience publication finished at second place in the MagCloud contest. I have written about that before, but now MagCloud blog has a little write up about the winning entries and entrants. … [Read more...]

MagCloud Contest

MagClolud Contest Runner Up: Hagia Sophia Experience

As the followers of this site probably know, I had submitted my publication "The Hagia Sophia Experience" to a contest run by MagCloud on facebook. I thank all the supporters for their votes and dedication to visit the competition site every day to … [Read more...]

Great Salt Lake Folios Slide Show


You might have seen the individual folios in The Great Salt Lake Folios 1-8 collections. Holding and viewing the print is very satisfying, the tactile experience is part of "photography" I believe. Digital copies, although quite rich in color, lack … [Read more...]

Great Salt Lake Folio – 5

Great Salt Lake Folio - 5

This is the final installment of the series on the Great Salt Lake. Vegetation around and in the Great Salt Lake does not impress the viewer with lush foliage or colorful flowers. However, the halophiles, those that require high salinity create … [Read more...]

Great Salt Lake – Folio 7

Great Salt Lake Folio - 7

I am getting close to finishing this project. This folio is about the limits of everything. Water meets land or air with a boundary, colors change creating another boundary, various shapes are formed or erased by virtue of their boundaries being … [Read more...]

Great Salt Lake – Folio 2

Great Salt Lake Folio - 2

The Found Patterns Folio is the new addition to the Great Salt Lake series. With eight photographs, it presents the patterns created by nature and by human touch. The nature's patterns with a palette of minerals and evaporation challenge the canvas … [Read more...]

Great Salt Lake – Folio 3

Great Salt Lake Folio - 3

Looking down to the Great Salt Lake is a surreal experience, not only do the colors change unexpectedly but also the surface-depth-bottom relations present visual riddles. There I was in the helicopter, looking down at a reddish-orange, or … [Read more...]

Great Salt Lake – Folio 6

Great Salt Lake Folio - 6

A new addition to the Great Salt Lake folio series is the Folio 6 | The Spiral Jetty Collection. The Spiral Jetty is one of the best known earth work or land art by Robert Smithson. He conceived the idea and constructed the land art using basalt … [Read more...]

Great Salt Lake – Folio 4

Great Salt Lake Folio - 4

In the continuing series of Great Salt Lake folios, I now jump to somewhere in the middle, Folio 4 | The Fields of Color Collection. Minerals and evaporation in the Great Salt Lake work like the palette and the brush of an artist to create an amazing … [Read more...]

Great Salt Lake – Folio 8

Great Salt Lake Folio - 8

A few posts ago I wrote about a wonderful experience I had had flying over the Great Salt Lake and presented the contents of Folio 1. Instead of going in a sequential order, I have decided to present the last folio in this collection, Folio 8 | The … [Read more...]

Great Salt Lake – Folio 1

Great Salt Lake Folio - 1

A couple of years ago I received a very special gift for my 65th birthday from my wife and daughter: a helicopter tour to the Spiral Jetty in the Great Salt Lake. The trip was extraordinary for several reasons. First, it was my first chopper flight, … [Read more...]