Boundless Plotnikov

Orchis Photography and Music

It is around the corner, Orchis will rise again! Along with it, the Boundless Plotnikov program will engage you, entertain you, tickle your emotions as well as your funny-bone. This is an all Plotnikov program and Viktor has a style that melds physics, grace, artistry, all into a memorable experience. Surrender will grab you, Sharps and Flats will make you smile, and Orchis will present the unique experience once more.

All this, the fluid movements, grace, artistry on stage come after long hours of practice, rehearsals, falls, fumbles, getting up, trying again, and again, and again … until it is just right. Here are some moments from the rehearsals for the three pieces you will see on March 14-16, 2014. You ARE coming of course, aren’t you?! See you one of those days, I promise you will not forget the experience.

For program and ticketing information see Orchis Is Coming.


Sharps and Flats