Ways of Seeing Photographs

Seeing Photographs

Look at a photograph, any photograph; look very carefully for a few minutes. Now, put it away and tell a friend what you saw (or write a comment here). The moment you start speaking or writing you start translating the visual to verbal, or reading a … [Read more...]

Ceramica Botanica

Ceramica Botanica

Roger Williams Park Botanical Garden had a great exhibit, Ceramica Botanica, featuring ceramic art of various sizes from a gigantic Manscape to often difficult to locate gnomes in between plants. Jan and I visited the exhibit last Friday and managed … [Read more...]

An Imaginary Conversation

Gauguin Creative Work

I published this post originally on PetaPixel.com on 3/29/2015, I am posting it here for my record. We often get too set in our ways and our conversation remains in the same context which can blind us to see the pitfalls we create for ourselves. In … [Read more...]

Learning To See with Art Wolfe

Art Wolfe - The Art of the Image

Speaking of training your eye to see more and to see better, listen to Art Wolfe and find out how he finds the frames that he photographs. Having a background in art history certainly gives him a leg up, but with keen awareness, better visual … [Read more...]

Sacred Spaces, II

Panagia Isodion Iconostasis

I have shown the photographs of Hagia Sophia in several exhibits since 2010 and along with that you might have seen the photographs from Panagia Isodion church in Istanbul. If you missed the previous exhibits and would like to see these unique … [Read more...]


LInes formed on the wall of a ferry

Photography is an analytic art form. We aim our lenses to specific parts of the world around us to pick a frame  because, in our analysis that particular frame presents the photograph we wish to take. We can certainly raise the camera, lower the … [Read more...]