Having a good time

Last couple of months I have been quite busy. Gearing up for the Collaborations event on October 5, 2014 and the event itself kept me busy for a while. Here are a few photographs from the hanging of the Ballet Off Stage exhibit at Festival Ballet … [Read more...]

Exhibit Opening Today

Photographs on the wall

On November 5, 2014 we hung the exhibit Sacred Spaces Large and Small: Hagia Sophia & Panagia Isodion at the Central Congregational Church in Providence. Today, November 7, 2014 we officially open the exhibit with a modest reception between 5:30 … [Read more...]

Chickens on the Runway

Ernest Goh, Chickens on the Runway

Chickens are the but of many jokes, but I dare you to stare down one of these chickens! These photographs are by Ernest Goh, and I stumbled on his work from a short write-up in the American Photo magazine. When I visited his site I found an … [Read more...]

Looking Back – The Commentary

Lee Friedlander

A while back, in mid September I posted a collection of 14 photographs from the old masters and asked anyone to offer their comments on any of them. Two readers offered their comments, thank you Sal and Jude. There is another point worth speculating … [Read more...]

Aperture to Lightroom Migration

This is a quick post to bring to the attention of Aperture users who want to transition to Lightroom. Adobe has just announced a Lightroom plugin that will import the Aperture collection into Lightroom. Since the image adjustments are made using a … [Read more...]

Ballet Off Stage

Kirsten Evans, Aurora, Sleeping Beauty

Performing arts generally require a stage, often an elaborate stage. In a way, that isolated environment allows the artists to create the magic they do on stage. In a ballet performance, the dancers effortlessly move, fly, jump, with the comfort that … [Read more...]

Sacred Spaces Large and Small

Panagia Isodion Iconostasis

Hagia Sophia has stood over 1,400 years as one of the significant achievements of human ingenuity, creativity, and dedication. If you had a chance to enter the Great Church, you would remember the sense of awe the space emanates. The immense space is … [Read more...]

Looking Back


Photography has a rich, and due to its nature, a well-documented history. I would like to make this post an inverted process. Instead of writing a post and possibly getting some comments, I will present some photographs and invite your comments, … [Read more...]