NECCC 2014, MNEC, Sam Abell

Cemal Ekin, MNEC

(Click the image for full letter) I have just returned from the 69th NECCC 2014 Annual Photography Conference held at U Mass Amherst. It was highly enjoyable for various reasons, but the most meaningful part of the conference for me started a … [Read more...]

Disarmed on LensCulture

Disarmed on LensCulture

My collection of photographs of Greta Hodgkinson performing Disarmed was published by LensCulture in Conceptual category. I am, of course, very pleased with this and wanted to share with the readers of this blog. Take a look at the collection once … [Read more...]


Life Magazine

For many years, nay decades LIFE was photography and photography was about life. The documentary below, America In Pictures: The Story of LIFE Magazine by British photographer, film maker Rankin traces the roots of LIFE with interviews, sample … [Read more...]

Free Software for Photographers

I have come across this morning that Zoner Photo Studio is giving their $90 software for free today. It is similar in concept to Lightroom. I downloaded and activated a copy to see how it behaved, it seems reasonably intuitive in its functions but I … [Read more...]

Salt and Pepper

Shakers on Red

Sometimes very unlikely subjects capture our imagination, things that would not be ordinarily appealing to photograph may become very interesting. During a dinner at Cafe Nuovo in Providence, the first thing I noticed as we sat at the table was the … [Read more...]

Use Your Passport

pectrum Distribution of Light Sources

(Fair warning, long post but worth every word you read!) Your ColorChecker Passport I mean. I think a lot of photographers purchased this very useful piece of equipment but are yet to use it. They probably carry it in their gear bag hoping one day … [Read more...]

Come Fly With Them!

Peter Pan will fly over Providence

Who needs the wires and pulleys? Festival Ballet Providence company dancers were flying around during the Peter Pan run through yesterday. Especially when frozen in a still frame, their work looks so effortless. Yet, they were dancing, moving, … [Read more...]