Flowers of Summer

Lotus Leaf

Flowers are perennial photographic subjects, I started the season a couple of weeks ago when Jim and I decided to visit the fields of lotus. While waiting for him to pick me up I started with our front yard. Stalks of Liatris had turned purple … [Read more...]

The Americans

Robert Frank

Over 60 years ago Robert Frank photographed with an outsider's eye the Americans as he traveled from coast to coast over a year. The result is the seminal book, The Americans. I highly recommend the book as it put a mirror to the nation at the time, … [Read more...]

Your Photo Editing Workspace

My workspace

During some of my presentations I get asked about the work environment for editing digital photographs. I also get individual inquiries about the subject. In this post I will address those questions with some workspace examples including my … [Read more...]

Preserving Mood in Photographs

All combined in one image

One of the neglected, and often violated element in photography is the mood. Sitting in your living room on a bright sunny day look around and notice how dark the interior looks compared to the bright outside. Our visual system, being extremely … [Read more...]

Get Windows 10 Free

Free Windows 10 Upgrade

Microsoft is readying to launch its latest version of Windows on July 29, 2015. This time, upgrading from Windows 7 or Windows 8 systems to Windows 10 will be free. Microsoft will do this for even pirated copies of earlier versions of 7 or 8 although … [Read more...]

Welcome Back Ian

The Hornes and Jan

Dan and Melissa invited us for a barbecue to welcome Ian back home from a four-month trip to Tibet as a study abroad student. He looked great, and of course Melissa and Dan looked relieved. The deck was a bit too windy, after a while I decided to … [Read more...]