Learning To See with Art Wolfe

Art Wolfe - The Art of the Image

Speaking of training your eye to see more and to see better, listen to Art Wolfe and find out how he finds the frames that he photographs. Having a background in art history certainly gives him a leg up, but with keen awareness, better visual … [Read more...]


LInes formed on the wall of a ferry

Photography is an analytic art form. We aim our lenses to specific parts of the world around us to pick a frame  because, in our analysis that particular frame presents the photograph we wish to take. We can certainly raise the camera, lower the … [Read more...]

On Actions and Presets


From the early days of computing saving keystrokes, and being able to repeat certain tasks with ease have been very popular. In those days software programs would offer simple "macro" capabilities which later became almost a programming language in … [Read more...]

Site Features and Goodies

Blow your horn Louie ...

(Image credit All About Jazz which states that the origin of the image is unknown) In his version of Hello Dolly, Sinatra sings "Blow your horn, Louie, ..." addressing Louis Armstrong. Inspired by that, I am going to blow my horn a little if you … [Read more...]


Distortion is not creativity

Are you creative? Of course you are, don't let anybody tell you otherwise! The better question is "do you allow yourself to discover and use your creativity?" There are many facets to creativity, creative thinking, lateral thinking, and many … [Read more...]

Skin Deep

Cape Ann Tool Company, Rockport, MA

I don't know how to describe it. The wall had a strange attraction with a yellowish orange cover of, well, something. It looked like foam or rusted iron plates at the same time, with patches of darker shades making random patterns on it. I saw it … [Read more...]