What Price, What Art


(Modified photograph used with Creative Commons License, see original and license) A few days ago I read in The Guardian that the landscape photographer Peter Lik sold one of his photographs for $6.5 million. And the article declared that … [Read more...]

Adams’ Foreword

Camera and Lens, Ansel Adams

I picked up one of my oldest photography books, Camera And Lens by Ansel Adams. It was a birthday gift to me from John and Ruth Rhodes, my in-laws, in 1971. I was an avid student of the Zone System, eventually added all his books to my collection and … [Read more...]

Kingston Station

Kingston Rail Station, RI

Yesterday I accompanied Jim to visit the Kingston Rail Station. It was a bit chilly, slightly drizzly, overcast day. The station, which I visited for the first time, was a small but well-maintained structure with a sizable parking lot for the … [Read more...]

Street Photography

Teahouse Players, Balat, Istanbul

I lead a roundtable discussion for the Film Photographers Association in November, the topic was "Street Photography." We discussed the nature of street photography, notable street photographers, and related subjects mainly following the outline … [Read more...]


Having a good time

Last couple of months I have been quite busy. Gearing up for the Collaborations event on October 5, 2014 and the event itself kept me busy for a while. Here are a few photographs from the hanging of the Ballet Off Stage exhibit at Festival Ballet … [Read more...]

Exhibit Opening Today

Photographs on the wall

On November 5, 2014 we hung the exhibit Sacred Spaces Large and Small: Hagia Sophia & Panagia Isodion at the Central Congregational Church in Providence. Today, November 7, 2014 we officially open the exhibit with a modest reception between 5:30 … [Read more...]

Chickens on the Runway

Ernest Goh, Chickens on the Runway

Chickens are the but of many jokes, but I dare you to stare down one of these chickens! These photographs are by Ernest Goh, and I stumbled on his work from a short write-up in the American Photo magazine. When I visited his site I found an … [Read more...]