MOO, No, Not That One!

Fourth printing if the new card

Some companies know how to offer good customer service, period! MOO is an Internet-based printing company that offers a variety of products with high quality printing on hefty stock. Last year I made a set of business cards that featured a couple of … [Read more...]

NECCC 2014, MNEC, Sam Abell

Cemal Ekin, MNEC

(Click the image for full letter) I have just returned from the 69th NECCC 2014 Annual Photography Conference held at U Mass Amherst. It was highly enjoyable for various reasons, but the most meaningful part of the conference for me started a … [Read more...]

Disarmed on LensCulture

Disarmed on LensCulture

My collection of photographs of Greta Hodgkinson performing Disarmed was published by LensCulture in Conceptual category. I am, of course, very pleased with this and wanted to share with the readers of this blog. Take a look at the collection once … [Read more...]

WordPress Options Table Bloat

WordPress Options Table

I have been a fan of WordPress for quite sometime now and have used it in my teaching of Marketing on the Internet and Web Design course for many years, and as a Web developer I have deployed many WordPress sites for many clients. Over time it has … [Read more...]


Life Magazine

For many years, nay decades LIFE was photography and photography was about life. The documentary below, America In Pictures: The Story of LIFE Magazine by British photographer, film maker Rankin traces the roots of LIFE with interviews, sample … [Read more...]

Free Software for Photographers

Fair warning: I found out that getting off Zoner Photo mailing list to be a royal pain and that they shared my e-mail with Cnet to create an account for me. This, I know for a fact since I used a unique e-mail address. Beware of the potential … [Read more...]