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Panagia Isodion Iconostasis

Sacred Spaces Large and Small

Hagia Sophia has stood over 1,400 years as one of the significant achievements of human ingenuity, creativity, and dedication. If you had a chance to enter the Great Church, you would remember the sense of awe the space emanates. The immense space is crowned by one of the largest unsupported domes in the world, and the architectural wonder is decorated with magnificent … [Read More...]

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Looking Back

Photography has a rich, and due to its nature, a well-documented history. I would like to make this post an inverted process. Instead of writing a post and possibly getting some comments, I will present some photographs and invite your … [Read More...]

Dunya Performing What's Next

What’s Next

More appropriately, Whatsnext which is the title of a new CD and an upcoming concert in Providence by Mehmet Ali Sanlikol and Whatsnext. I have known Mehmet Ali Sanlikol and his music from my days with the Turkish American Cultural Society … [Read More...]

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Dorothea Lange

Dorothea Lange

We watched an excellent documentary on an excellent documentary photographer, Dorothea Lange. I have found out that one can watch the entire episode online, in case you did not get a chance to watch or record it on WGBH on August 29, 2014. The … [Read More...]



Performing arts has different phraseology, different emphases than visual arts. I have learned over the past several years how even a fraction of an inch in the foot position, or a finger tip position make a great deal of difference in ballet, … [Read More...]

Fourth printing if the new card

MOO, No, Not That One!

Some companies know how to offer good customer service, period! MOO is an Internet-based printing company that offers a variety of products with high quality printing on hefty stock. Last year I made a set of business cards that featured a … [Read More...]

Free Dxo FilmPack 3

Free DxO FilmPack 3, Limited Time

I have learned today on PetaPixel.com that DxO is giving free licenses to DxO FilmPack 3 until August 15. If you want to try adding film look to your digital photographs this may be the time to try it for free. This is a fully functional version … [Read More...]

Canon G1X Mark II

Working With a Canon G1X Mark II

A few years ago I purchased a Canon G1X, a large sensor compact camera. I was very pleased with its image quality and enjoyed its portability. After I gave it as a gift, I found another one on ebay and purchased it. Recently I received as a gift … [Read More...]

Cemal Ekin, MNEC

NECCC 2014, MNEC, Sam Abell

(Click the image for full letter) I have just returned from the 69th NECCC 2014 Annual Photography Conference held at U Mass Amherst. It was highly enjoyable for various reasons, but the most meaningful part of the conference for me started a … [Read More...]