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JPEG Compression 9

JPEG Voodoo: Or, Does JPEG File Size Matter

Would you say the above photograph has any compression artifacts? Compressed too much, not enough, or just right? What exactly is "just right" anyway. This post will explore the concept of compression, why and how do we do it, and how aggressive should we be in either reducing the file size or increasing the image quality. I have been asked many times about the JPEG … [Read More...]

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LensWork Extended

Formulas For Success

I have been a subscriber to LensWork for quite some time, and was honored to have my work published in it a few years back. It has maintained a very high quality in both content and in its production, especially the print edition. I wrote … [Read More...]

Laser Treatment for Jan's Eye

Laser Treatment

We have been seeing the same eye doctors for about 30 years, Tom McCauley is a great ophthalmologist and Michelle Palazzolo is that good an optometrist. Since the health maintenance organization Harvard Health decided to close the operation … [Read More...]

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Wishes for 2015

Wishes For 2015

Wishes are easy to make, sometimes too easy. Yet, we all wish for things and hope that they will come true. In that vein, I have the following list of things I wish in several different categories. There is a bit of humor in the items depending … [Read More...]

Kept Light Photoraphy 2014

Kept Light 2014

Thank you all for visiting Kept Light Photography Web site. I have been maintaining this site as a repository for my photographs, writings on various subjects, and family memories. Take a look at some reminders from 2014 and read on … [Read More...]

Hot Cup of Cocoa

I Want a Hot Cup of Cocoa

Mina gave us another dance recital, this time she also sang along. The music was "I Want a Hot Cup Of Cocoa" and she knew it well. I am not sure if the dance was her own creation or one they rehearsed at her dance school, but it was quite … [Read More...]

Trinity Rep Stage

A Christmas Carol

Yesterday was the theater day, we all went to the Trinity Repertory Company to see A Christmas Carol. It was a highly enjoyable show, especially for Mina. She was puzzled by the various "ghosts" in the story as they were enacted on stage. All … [Read More...]