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Typical Texture of Cape Cod

Cape Cod 2014

(The opening photograph above shows what I perceive as the typical texture of Cape Cod, pine needles and twigs) Last July I received an invitation from Cape Cod Vievfinders Camera Club (CCVFCC) in Harwich to make a presentation to their members. After a few e-mail exchanges with Joe Hintz the vice president of the club, we settled on a date and the topic, Seeing in … [Read More...]

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Part of the Orchis dancers after a rehearsal

Salute to Viktor Plotnikov

A couple of weekends ago Festival Ballet Providence put on a great show, all works of Viktor Plotnikov. He choreographed three very different ballet pieces in his narrative style, all highly enjoyable but I am partial to Orchis. I hope you … [Read More...]

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Orchis Photography and Music

Boundless Plotnikov

It is around the corner, Orchis will rise again! Along with it, the Boundless Plotnikov program will engage you, entertain you, tickle your emotions as well as your funny-bone. This is an all Plotnikov program and Viktor has a style that melds … [Read More...]

The Green Mosque (Yesil Cami) Tiles

Yesil Cami (Green Mosque) Bursa

Thanks to my young friends Erdinc and Canan who took me to the dome of Hagia Sophia, provided an exclusive access to Panagia Isodion in Istanbul, I got a chance to visit the Green Mosque (Yesil Cami) in Bursa when I was in Turkey in 2012. They … [Read More...]


Orchis is Coming

Last year the Festival Ballet Providence performance of Orchis delighted the audiences. Inspired by a collection of my photographs, Orchis is a unique ballet that brings together photography, dance, and music in a moving experience. This year, … [Read More...]

Gregory Heisler Speaks

Gregory Heisler Speaks

About a couple of months ago I bought the Kindle version of Gregory Heisler's book "50 Portraits: Stories and Techniques from a Photographer's Photographer". It is a well-written book with stories about 50 of the notable portraits the master … [Read More...]

Conversations with a wall

Conversations With a Wall

I saw this wall many times, whenever Jan and I took John to see his doctor I would wait in the car as Jan took her father into the office. After the first visit I realized that the wall on the side of the parking lot had a lot to say. On later … [Read More...]

So Long NextGEN Gallery

NextGEN Gallery Substitutes

NextGEN The Beginning I have been using NextGEN Gallery since its beta versions, I remember its developer Alex Rabe announcing that he would introduce a dramatically new way of organizing images in WordPress. Since then I have gone through all … [Read More...]