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Communication Model

Photography and Language, 2

In part 1  of this series, I covered the general idea of language and drew some preliminary parallels between learning a language and learning to see photographically. In this second part I will address the essential idea of a language and how we communicate. Much of this post comes from my days of teaching marketing communications including the graphic, although I drew it … [Read More...]

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Language of Photography

Photography and Language, 1

English is my second language. In the beginning, long, long time ago, every student had to choose a foreign language to study as part of the high school curriculum and I chose, or was told to choose, English. The standard books in all the … [Read More...]

Enjoying a hug from Mamina

Dinner and Ice Cream

Yesterday we went to Efendi's restaurant for dinner. He opened a new place a couple of years after closing the one he operated for quite some time. This one is on Atwells Avenue in Cranston and is a smaller place than the previous one. The … [Read More...]

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Haze Be Gone!

Haze – Dehaze 2

In the previous installment of this two-part post I explained how you may attempt to reduce or remove the haze in your photograph using a simple Photoshop tool, Layer Blend Modes. In this second part I will show a more flexible, albeit slightly … [Read More...]

Remove Haze Comparison

Haze – Dehaze 1

Since Adobe Lightroom 6 CC introduced the "Dehaze" slider, there is a new dehaze-craze. The slider has gained the status of Merlin's wand to cure many ailments. Like all the other adjustment tools, "it is a tool" and not a particularly new one. … [Read More...]

Lotus Leaf

Flowers of Summer

Flowers are perennial photographic subjects, I started the season a couple of weeks ago when Jim and I decided to visit the fields of lotus. While waiting for him to pick me up I started with our front yard. Stalks of Liatris had turned purple … [Read More...]