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Kirsten Evans, Aurora, Sleeping Beauty

Ballet Off Stage

Performing arts generally require a stage, often an elaborate stage. In a way, that isolated environment allows the artists to create the magic they do on stage. In a ballet performance, the dancers effortlessly move, fly, jump, with the comfort that makes the performance magic. While a stage is more or less a prerequisite for this magic to occur, it removes the characters from … [Read More...]

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Looking Back

Photography has a rich, and due to its nature, a well-documented history. I would like to make this post an inverted process. Instead of writing a post and possibly getting some comments, I will present some photographs and invite your … [Read More...]

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Aperture to Lightroom Migration

This is a quick post to bring to the attention of Aperture users who want to transition to Lightroom. Adobe has just announced a Lightroom plugin that will import the Aperture collection into Lightroom. Since the image adjustments are made using … [Read More...]

Dunya Performing What's Next

What’s Next

More appropriately, Whatsnext which is the title of a new CD and an upcoming concert in Providence by Mehmet Ali Sanlikol and Whatsnext. I have known Mehmet Ali Sanlikol and his music from my days with the Turkish American Cultural Society of RI … [Read More...]

Dorothea Lange

Dorothea Lange

We watched an excellent documentary on an excellent documentary photographer, Dorothea Lange. I have found out that one can watch the entire episode online, in case you did not get a chance to watch or record it on WGBH on August 29, 2014. The … [Read More...]



Performing arts has different phraseology, different emphases than visual arts. I have learned over the past several years how even a fraction of an inch in the foot position, or a finger tip position make a great deal of difference in ballet, … [Read More...]

Fourth printing if the new card

MOO, No, Not That One!

Some companies know how to offer good customer service, period! MOO is an Internet-based printing company that offers a variety of products with high quality printing on hefty stock. Last year I made a set of business cards that featured a … [Read More...]

Free Dxo FilmPack 3

Free DxO FilmPack 3, Limited Time

I have learned today on PetaPixel.com that DxO is giving free licenses to DxO FilmPack 3 until August 15. If you want to try adding film look to your digital photographs this may be the time to try it for free. This is a fully functional version … [Read More...]